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"My husband and I are big researchers when it comes to us buying anything new, so like always we did a lot of research before choosing a photographer to take our newborn's pictures. We got referrals and suggestions from friends and did a lot of internet research. We narrowed down our selection to a couple of photographers, but as soon as I reviewed Andrea's website, blog and facebook, I knew that she was the one I wanted to take our son's pictures. We noticed right away that she seemed to have a better eye in her photos, her editing seemed to be a lot cleaner than others and her props were the best. She has so many photos that were adorable and unique as well. When we arrived, her demeanor with both us and our baby was wonderful. Not only does she have great talent, but she was very patient with our newborn. Were most babies seem to sleep most the session, ours was awake for a lot of it. She was patient with him, talked to him softly, patted him gently- you could tell right away"

8 March, 2013 by Amy Lock

"My experience with Andrea was fantastic! Her studio is warm and cozy and her props are endless. She had no problem with my 30 outfit changes (I went crazy on Etsy) and was very interested in what we wanted. Her mother came down to assist and she was also very friendly and welcoming. Honestly, my husband and I sat back and relaxed. My son has now had 3 month pics and Easter pics, by different photogs, and although they are lovely, Andrea's are still the best quality. If she didn't live 2 1/2 hours away I would use her for every session."

8 March, 2013 by Andrea Creamer