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Join Alli Peck of Glow Portraits in her 40 minute interview with NewbornPhotography.Com and learn about Alli's lighting setup, how she attracts her customers, gets her inspiration and more! 


Alli is our featured photographer for March. She operates under the studio name "Glow Portraits" and has a studio on personal property located in Charlie Lake, BC. Alli is a busy mom of 4 children and work full time as a maternity and newborn photographer. She can’t think of any other job that would bring so much enjoyment and personal satisfaction. "There’s nothing better than snuggling a fresh little bundle of love while being able to express my creativeness at the same time. " 

















Hello! My name is Stevie. I am a newborn, child and family photographer, living in Orange County, California. I am first and foremost a wife and mother to 3 young children. 


I have been photographing clients since 2012. Newborn photography is my specialty, however, I photograph budding bellies (maternity), babies & families. I can honestly say that I love newborn babies; Every little delicate feature is precious and unique. Preserving these details in print makes my heart happy! I try at every turn to create a memorable experience for my clients.


Over the past few years, I have been sought after by several photographers across the country wishing to learn under my skillful eye.  It's an honor and a privilege to mentor these aspiring photographers. My professional training ensures that the little ones will be safe in hands. 


I own a retail studio nestled on the border of Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills.










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Then and Now feature with Nicole Jean Photography. The first image was taken in July 2014 at her first newborn modeling call and the second image was taken in March of 2017. 



Connect with Nichole:


"I began experimenting with photography during my teenage years. Unfortunately for me, my artistic pursuits were inevitably put on hold as I built my career in finance. Then I had a baby... When my son was almost a year old, I complained to my husband that I didn’t have any great pictures of him. I had many mediocre shots, but nothing that really captured how I saw him. One day my husband reminded me that I had a great camera sitting in a drawer. It had been a few years since I picked it up. “Why don’t you start taking real photos again?" I followed his advice. It felt great to be behind a lens again and to have some photos that really reflected my son’s unique character. I took some courses to refresh my skills and to learn the latest technology. My creativity had an outlet again and I was grateful to have such an inspiration in my son. Then I had another baby... It was during my second maternity leave after my daughter was born that I took my life-long hobby to the next level and specialized in baby and children’s photography. After honing my artistic style and upgrading my equipment to a professional standard, I made the decision to open Neville Park Photography. That was almost 2 years ago.  Today I'm doing what I love and I hope it shows in my work. "

Q: Did you use natural light or artificial light for this session?

A: I use natural filtered window light for this session.

Q:  What was your inspiration for this session?

A: he inspiration for this session was to capture a certain point in time for this adorable baby.  When I saw her, I must say my heart skipped a beat - she was adorable, all smiles and had gorgeous baby hair for only 6 months!

Q: What were your settings?

A: My setting for the session were ISO 500, f stop between 1.4 - 2.0 and SS was 160-320.  

Q: What is your white balance method?

A:White balance - I probably struggle with this the most.  I either use a grey card or I set to AWB.  In either case I do most my white balance adjustments in Lightroom.

Q: What gear did you use for this session?

A: I use a Canon 5Ds and the Sigma Art 35mm 1.4f lens.  I fell in love with the lens and use this it now pretty much exclusively for all my studio sessions.


Q: Where did you get your props?

A:  I love beautiful handmade vintage inspired outfits. When I first started, I tried to get the most for my money.  I have quickly learned my lesson, as most those items now are stashed away unused. Over time, I have found my favourite vendors and I certainly used their items in this shoot.  The pink outfit is from Baby in Vogue and the pink headband is from Dear Felicity.  The neutral lace outfit is from Mia Joy Studio and the peachy headband is from Created by Carli.  The Christmas Halo is from Ivy & Nell. The grey romper is by Lovely Baby Photo Props and I the headband is also from Created by Carli. I buy my curly wool layers from Flovelies in New Zealand and I love them! My collection has been a big investment, but I do think I attract a large portion of my clients because they appreciate these items and don't need to worry about buying outfits for their shoot.