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My name is Natasha Samaroo.

I am a full-time mom of 2 beautiful children, ages 1 and 3 and I completely understand what it is like to be a “busy” mom juggling many of life’s challenges. I am married to a wonderful man who supports my photography even when I overspend on props (I learned very quickly how to be a photographer prop junkie). Smiles and memories are important to me, as I am a part-time registered dental hygienist and a full-time photographer.

I strive to capture moments, not just images. As a mom, I understand how valuable these times are in our lives and want to provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. I am a strong believer in patience when working with little ones. I offer in-studio sessions at my home studio or outdoor sessions if weather and time permits (may be subject to a travel fee.) Outdoor sessions are beautiful for capturing children and families interacting in a more natural environment. I look forward to providing you with images you would love to share with your family and friends, images that represent you because each family is unique.

Customer Reviews

"I found precious moments at the baby time show in Toronto - I picked her out of all the other photographers because of the amazing special she had on! I also picked her because I think it's amazing that the package includes both digital prints and printed prints. During our sessions (we have had two so far - maternity, then newborn) we felt so comfortable, relaxed and not rushed. Natasha was so patient with my newborn during the 4 hour newborn session (even after being pooped on). After viewing all our maternity images (which we got back quite quickly) we were so happy with the end product. The photos looked amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing our newborn images and the rest of the images for our future sessions. I will recommend Natasha to my family and friends for sure."

2 January, 2016 by Melinda Wilkinson Nixon

"I feel blessed to have met Natasha and had her shoot our daughters newborn session. She is extremely professional, friendly and so patient. I couldn't have chosen a better photographer to capture every little detail of a newborn and the bond between our family. Natasha made us feel at home and took the time to follow up after the photo shoot to ask how baby was doing. I will definitely choose Natasha for any future photography sessions and will recommend her to friends and family. Thank you Natasha for your beautiful work."

2 January, 2016 by Giannina Marin

"Wonderful photographer! I've trusted Natasha to capture all the special moments and milestones from my maternity shoot to my sons upcoming cake smash. Natasha is a very gentle and caring professional photographer who has been blessed with patience and skill needed to photograph kids. She has many unique and beautiful ideas."

2 January, 2016 by Paulette Potter

"Natasha was successful in capturing that smile and many other great pictures of my little man for his first birthday pictures.(both indoor and outdoor). She is a beautiful photographer and i highly recommend her."

2 January, 2016 by Reshma VB

"Natasha was awesome!!! We felt like we were at home. She has an amazing personality and her workmanship is over the top! We can't wait to see the pictures! Thanks so much Natasha!"

2 January, 2016 by Shama Patel

"Very patient & professional photographer! Great experience and results. Thank you Natasha"

2 January, 2016 by Olga Laski

"Had a wonderful experience with Natasha for our little guy."

2 January, 2016 by Sandeep Kaur

"I met Natasha in Baby Time Show but at that point of time, had no plan to do maternity photo shoot. When I decided to do it finally, I was already 37 weeks pregnant and baby was ready to arrive anytime. We chose Natasha based on our small interaction in Baby Time Show. She was very cooperative and prompt to accommodate our session ASAP despite such short notice. I am so glad that I chose her. Her work is absolutely amazing and we are so happy and satisfied with the images that we chose her again for our newborn session. She is extremely patient and careful while handling my little one and the outcome of the newborn session is also extremely satisfactory. We love the wonderful images and will cherish them forever! Thank you Natasha! Keep up your quality work."

11 February, 2016 by Sujata Das

"Met at a baby show. Great packages. Works well even with crying babies"

11 February, 2016 by Monika Duguay