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My name is Mary and I am a BC based Maternity and Newborn photographer. I have a BA degree in photography and I’ve been doing photography for more than two decades. Years ago, I started out as a photojournalist and photography teacher. While I have always loved the magic I could make with a camera, I discovered the beauty of people and learned to combine my passion for saving cherished memories with my talent for capturing their stories through my lens.

As the mother of two amazing kids, I know that our newborns grow in the blink of an eye. It seems like just yesterday that my own 6 and 4 years old were learning to laugh, crawl, and walk. I have discovered that while these moments don’t last forever, the memories do. Because I am not only an experienced Maternity and Family Photographer but also a mom, I have a unique approach to the work and joy of maternity and newborn sessions, as well as working with older babies and kids.

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