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I’m Andrea Oates. I live in spring, Taxes (we moved from Seattle, Washington in the September of 2013) With my wonderful husband and my two yorkie puppies, Luna and Rocko. Working with newborns has always been my passion and I know in my heart of hearts that if I weren’t a newborn photographer I would still be working with babies and their families in some way. Bringing photography and newborns together has been such an unexpected joy. I just love capturing the priceless moments of time in a way that makes everyone remember that moment and be able to cherish it forever.


Some facts about me:

I love to clean and be organized

I am married to my best friend

I love the show Revenge and anything SIFI

I love all music, but my favorite is modern

My favorite dessert is Oreo cookies … because they don’t have milk

I love having an active role in my community

Andrea Oates is an industry expert with a unique and modern style. She is a Photographer, wife and entrepreneur running her business from home. She has over 10 years of Experience in photography. Photographing over 200 weddings and numerous baby photo sessions. In Washington she worked for the number one wedding studio winning 5 years in a row Seattle Bride Magazine Best Wedding photographers award. Andrea has a great sense of quality in her work  – she knows how to give all her energy and talents toward making every be the absolute best it could be. She is passionate, trustworthy, honest and above all enthusiastic. She has consistently maintained a positive and proactive attitude towards everything she does.

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