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Hello! My name is Katy and I have a passion for photography! Throughout my childhood, I always had an abundance of film rolls and disposable cameras which held the memories of my past. I love looking back on old times and without photographs, that would be impossible.
After falling in love with the darkroom in High School, I pursued my passion of photography in to my college education where I received my Associate in Arts. While I was attending college, I worked at a local golf course where I was lead in setting up and decorating weddings and receptions. I gained an insight in the efforts that go into planning and executing a wedding which show in my photographs. I focus on the details...the decorations...the little things. But my love of portrait photography didn't begin in college. I focused on the beauty of nature and preserving it throughout those years. I perfected my art of composition and learned my way around the camera.
I started flourishing in portrait photography when I moved to California in the summer of 2012! I spent hours studying posing techniques as well as perfecting my natural lighting capabilities. I remember the feeling I had when I booked my first family session with the Greene's! After booking many family and modeling sessions, I started getting into maternity and newborn sessions. I again, spent hours watching videos on how to safely pose newborns and researching various ideas to ensure I could provide a fantastic and personalized session for each client. These sessions quickly turned into my favorites! I love creating various backgrounds and being able to beautifully document the wonderful moments of motherhood.
Photography is my passion and I want to provide lasting and professional memories for anyone. I provide low cost session packages as well as print packages.
My dad served 20 years, my mom served 4 years, and my brother is currently enlisted in the Army, so I have a strong respect for our military members which is why I offer a 15% discount to military families. (Valid ID must be shown)

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