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Chelsea Haworth, raised by her mother who was also a professional photographer in the USA, has been passionate about art and photography since she was at primary school. The smell of a dark room excited her, and learning the camera manually was the best part of high school for her! After travelling the world as a snowboard instructor, working as a behavioural therapist, and studying a conjoint degree in Business and Psychology, Chelsea has gained many different skills throughout her life. With decades of learning about art and photography behind her, Chelsea has once again found herself in love with people. Photography is a way for her to express herself and fulfill her sense of accomplishment with each success gained through photography. 


She started her business in 2012, quickly becoming a huge success and making a name for herself, and constantly learning and educating herself in many aspects of photography. She prides herself on professionalism and having a natural motherly side which helps when soothing and handling kids, babies, and newborns. "I love people, especially tiny people, their tiny little fingers and cute button nose, I fall in love with every single one of my subjects and that shows in my work. I always find the beauty in my clients, which is how I achieve such stunning images" says Chelsea. 


Chelsea has one kid herself, and plans on a couple more in the future, and her love of babies and children has deepened since experiencing that first real love of a child. She empathizes with expecting and new parents, the exhaustion and emotions that swoop over them, and understands the importance of capturing those first moments that disappear all too quickly! Whether it be first or subsequent pregnancies, and newborns you simply cannot get those moments back, and Chelsea is forever hearing how everyone wishes they'd had photo's done during their pregnancy or of their newborn. This is why it is so important to invest in your future memories, and capture these firsts! Chelsea is the perfect photographer to create beautiful memories that you and your family can cherish forever.

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