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I have the most amazing and rewarding job on the planet… I get to play with squishy babies all day long! Photography is my passion… my art! I put every ounce of my soul in to creating these timeless images of your new baby and I consider myself truly lucky that you picked me to help create these memories for generations to come!

My husband is my rock! Seriously… I love this man more everyday and he is part of my very existence! When you see “mike” at the bottom of an email, you’re hearing from him… yup he’s that great! He helps me run this little business!

Some interesting facts about moi:

I have an absolutely adorable little man and the most handsome, kind husband in the world… I’m one lucky girl!

I was a respiratory therapist for many years

I shoot a Nikon D3s (I use a 50, 35 and 28)

I’m a paper cuttin, embellish makin fool… in normal terms… I’m a scrapbooker

I play some hard poker… beware boys and girls, I’ve got me a good poker face

I’m a hopeless romantic and a sucker for homemade gifts

My favorites foods (in order by fav): Pakistani, Mexican… does starbucks count?

I’ll take a venti, double cupped, extra hot, whole milk chai PLEASE:)

I talk with my hands. I guess I feel like I get my point across a lot better! Just stand back, it can get a little dangerous

Oh and I’m in love with being in love… does it get better than that?

Purple is my new favorite pink

Me and my flops are super tight… my piggies are always exposed

I love pedi’s! Does that mean I like to be spoiled… NAH!!!

Captain Crunch is my “go to” food when I’m up late editing

I wish I had my own private theater to watch every new movie that comes out… that would be A W E S O M E

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