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A bit about me….

I started playing with cameras as a kid, One of my most vivid memories is trying to pose my niece on an old ironing board with blankets…I was about 12.  I loved the camera then as much as I do now.

As a Chicago native, my job in one of the hearts of this fabulous Windy City, Navy Pier, gave me the opportunity to always keep the camera in-hand.  Although my behind-the-lens passion was always stirring, it wasn’t until 2003, when I first laid eyes on him that my desire to capture every moment became my reality.   He, is none other than our first son, Eli; better known in the Diaz/Ruiz residence as “Eli-Fresh”!  He inspired my love for babies’ soft giggles, laughter, wrinkly toes, raspberry bubbles (you know those little lip bubbles that seem to foam up from nowhere).   Everything from umbilical cord to flaky skin to bundled-up tiny bodies, every picture I took inspired this whimsical feeling in my soul that I quickly became addicted to…. and Elvie Diaz Photography was birthed.

Now, the proud mommy of 3 boys, “Exman”-Exavier joining our brood in 2007 and Ezekiel-“Zieky Boy” in 2010, Eman, my amazing +1  =) & business partner and I, have set-out to help other families capture all of their special, breathtaking moments and keep them as treasures.  The pure joy and excitement beginning at pregnancy through birth and then the journey of family life, is as precious as every little finger, toe, smile, and nose.  Every picture I take becomes a part of me and the legacy I’m building in my life journey.

Photography is not only what inspires me, but it makes me believe in myself and the power of Faith, Love, & Family.  The lens has taught me that every moment is a treasured space of time that I can capture and treasure in its innocence and beauty.  It has also taught me that with God and a positive attitude, all things are possible!  Let’s capture each moment and treasure it for a life time!

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