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My name is Fran, but I'm known as Franu Rey in the photography world. I'm from Jerez de la Frontera, but my studio's in Cádiz (Linea de la Concepción), where I'm actually living. I'm a self-learner in every aspect and little by little I specialized in newborn photography, making it my full-time job. It wasn't an easy road, however, it was a very satisfying path with a big growth. Along with my wife Susana, who helps me with everything and is a major pillar in my life and in the business, together we made this project run.

I'm passionate in the newborn world and I try to convey it in every picture I take. Neutral colours, quality accessories and a vintage touch define my style. The outcome is pictures full of tenderness where I capture the essence of each baby. Nowadays I do workshops for photographers, explaining my way of perceiving the picture. I never thought about being a big reference in the photography world in my brief professional path, in both Spain and abroad... a dream come true!

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