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me me me me!
First things first: I am female.  I know I have one of “those names” and sometimes people don’t know so I’m putting it out there. There.  You don’t have to wonder.
I love pitbulls, Philadelphia and professional football, namely the Eagles. If you see me in the fall, I will probably talk football with you. If you come to my studio, you will most likely see photos of the rescue dogs I photograph for the Delaware County SPCA. I would take every one of them home if I could. Pitbulls are the most misunderstood and sweetest dogs on earth. I have two but have had others in my life who are no longer on this earth. I think I’ll never have another non-pitbull.
And, just thinking about the city of Philadelphia makes me happy. When I flew in to the city after my honeymoon, the best feeling washed over me when I saw the skyline – the feeling of being utterly at home. I had a Rocky t-shirt when I was five, Rocky with a huge swollen black eye. Who lets a kid have that, right? I’m sure I insisted. I’ll watch any of the Rocky movies any time I come across it on cable.
I think that I am funny, but I am probably far less funny than I think I am.  Just ask my husband, who has to put up with me narrating his showers in my best Steve Irwin.  I find it pretty hilarious, though.  However, what’s truly not funny is how many times I have written and rewritten this thing.  How awkward is writing about yourself in a way that doesn’t make you sound like a resume or a first date?  Not my forte, for sure.
I love anything that is different, even better if it is unexpected and maybe shocks you a little bit.  Ever since I was a kid, if it was a bit naughty, you could count me in.  I still retain some of this mischievousness today.  I love when I see some mischief-y sass in kids; it’s a twinkle in their eyes that gives it away.  I’m a huge fan of unconventional.
And of family.  You know, those people who make you happy and crazy and who generally make your life worth living? Family. I am all in on family – learned it from my father, he is someone that will bend over backwards to make everyone like each other and smooth things over. Family above all, family is everything.
Lastly, babies. How do you not love a baby? Pure sweetness, love, everything that is right with the world. My husband and I used to say that our wedding day was the best day of our lives – and how cute were we, we meant it. Yesterday, he told someone that he’d like to have our exact wedding every Saturday night for the rest of our lives. Love that guy. But, that’s actually the second best day of my life, now. Because, MY baby. THAT was the best day of my life. And, if a day on which your stomach is cut open and then stapled shut is the best day of your life, well, lady, you party. But it was.
And, you. Well, first, you’re here reading my about me page, something I thought was a guilty pleasure but apparently lots of people read and like these, so, I guess you’re one of them! Maybe our shared love of any of the aforementioned things brought you here. Maybe you just liked my pretty pictures. Maybe I photographed your friend or your sister or your friend’s sister. Either way, welcome. I’m happy to have you here reading this blog. Come for the babies, stay for the hopefully interesting content. If you wanna drop me a line, click here and do it. I promise to be a good pen pal and write back. LYLAS.

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