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My name is Jenna and I’m a documentary newborn and family photographer based in San Jose, CA. I do sessions in SF Bay Area and beyond.

I would spread newborn yawns on crackers if I could, but for now I have to settle for capturing them in photos.

I truly believe that real life is more interesting than perfect. I make modern storytelling photos that capture the spirit of your family, not just the faces. On top of that, I do it without the hassle of traditional portrait sessions.

I specialize in hospital (Fresh 48) newborn sessions as well as in-home newborn and family sessions.

I believe it's immensely important for parents to be in photos with their newborns and kids, because that's what will make for the most cherished memories for your kids when they're older. 

If you send me a message through this site, keep an eye on your spam folder for a reply from me (I usually reply within 24 hours or quicker). You'll get a better hold of me by emailing or sending me a message through my website.

Customer Reviews

"“Jenna’s skill is such a gift! In this age where cellphones produce excellent quality photos, it’s not difficult to get a nice, posed shot of my children smiling—I can do that any time. Jenna offers something different—the opportunity to see your life as it really is, with beautiful editorially composed shots. Jenna was both present and invisible while photographing our family. I, and my children, felt instantly comfortable with her; able to chat and talk like friends. She shot us going about our regular lives in a totally un-selfconsious way. There were only a handful of times that I realized she was shooting. She captured magical moments of my children living their lives; playing together, laughing, crying—moments that I’m usually unaware of or so entrenched in that I don’t get to really see them. I am forever grateful of the opportunity to shoot with her and hope to repeat it in the future. Thank you Jenna!”"

13 November, 2015 by Alexis V

"“We had a newborn session with Jenna shortly after our little guy came home from the hospital. It was so nice to have photographs in the comfort of our home. Jenna was the perfect mix of professional and new friend. She had us go about our regular day (which we were still figuring out!!) and took beautiful photos of moments I didn’t even know would be photo worthy. We loved how they turned out and we recommend her wholeheartedly! She has a great eye.”"

13 November, 2015 by Rachel

"“Jenna came to photograph our family twice – once in the hospital one hour after our son was born, and then again at our home when he was one week old. In both setting, Jenna was fun and easy to work with. In the hospital she was extremely respectful of our time and space to bond as a family without interruption. We felt completely comfortable being in the moment and didn’t feel like there was a camera present. She also was very respectful and interacted professionally with all the hospital staff. When she came to our home and we had more time together, we have a really fun afternoon with Jenna. She made us feel comfortable, and was able to balance being a quiet observer to capture a day in our life, while also sharing good conversations and enjoying our little one with us. She wasn’t at all bothered by the fact that our baby slept through most of the session, and even shared some photography tips with my husband during nap time! We weren’t sure if we wanted a photographer prese"

13 November, 2015 by Naomi&Sam

"“Thank you so much for capturing such beautiful memories that slip away from us way too fast. Because of you we are able to re-live these special moments for the rest of our lives and down to our grandchildren to show! What a beautiful thing.”"

13 November, 2015 by Jennalene N

"I wanted to capture "a day in the life" of the Buckley family as opposed to those more "staged" new born pics. Boy did we hit the jackpot with Jenna!!!! We did a newborn session in our home, and she was incredibly communicative prior to the session (easy emailing for scheduling, ideas about locations in the house, lighting options, etc). Everyone in our family felt amazingly comfortable with her (hubby and I, newborn, and our 2 huge pitbulls) and she captured beauty in the small, mundane day to day things (breast feeding, changing diapers, etc). What an incredible photographer and I highly recommend her to all new Mommys who want to capture those "in the moment" moments!"

12 January, 2016 by Michelle B

"My wife and I had Jenna take 'Fresh 48' photos of our newborn baby boy 2 days after his birth. We were excited to be able to capture his first moments afar returning home from the hospital. The best part about the session was that we didn't have to do anything other than love our son. Jenna captured these precious moments with our baby boy without the need for poses, props, or fake smiles. The photos turned out amazing and we will cherish them forever. We would highly recommend Jenna Christina Photography for all your newborn, baby, and birth photography needs!"

12 January, 2016 by Matt M