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Why do I do this? Because my family is everything to me. Because I fought with every ounce of strength I had to become a mom. Because they're worth it.

I'm Jennings Paige, of Jennings Paige Photography and Baby Mine Photography. I am all about family in my life and in my photography. I spent most of my 20's battling infertility and adopting my two children, Gracie (8) and Hudson (4). Now, my husband Ryan and I are growing our family one last time. We are in the first stages of making a baby that we will have with a surrogate (check back for a new Ashker baby hopefully by summer 2015).

I specialize in children and family portraiture because I don't want to forget a thing about my children as they grow and change. I often long to hold my baby Gracie as an infant again, or feel little Huddy fall asleep on my chest as a toddler.

I can't relive the moments that have made my life wonderful, but I can look at the photos, and that's almost as good. Photos bring those memories back and ultimately, they just make me happy. 

I would love for every parent to have artwork of their children for their homes. I love creating keepsakes for families. I know I'm helping create images that will bring my clients immense joy, now and for the rest of their lives. That's pretty special. That is my "why".

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