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            I have always loved to snap a shutter button, but snapping the shutter is just the technical side.  Something more happens just before I do that, and just after I do that.  Before and after is the art & magic. That calls to me. It moves me and makes my heart flutter when I think about all of the elements combining for the perfect session.

     Keeping my palette one of beautiful light, simple items, neutral & calming tones, and filled with layers of texture & emotion all helps to create the imagery I am drawn to for your art. The absence of loudness in my work allows the tender emotion to be heard instead.

     Being a professional photographer, I have the luxury of taking many photos of my own son and the other people I love, however one image always calls to me, and that is because it is the one image I cannot take for myself… photographs of mamas and their babies especially move me, whether that baby is 6 days old, 6 months old, or 6 years old.

      As an artist, it is important to me that we both want the same things out of our session together and that each of my clients receive custom, high end service and fine art products from me.

…I currently live just South of Nashville, Tennessee with my husband, our 4 year old little boy, baby girl on the way,  3 rescue dogs, and horse.

Sessions may be commissioned in Nashville & Franklin, and surrounding Middle, TN areas with a natural light studio in historic downtown Franklin, TN.Thinking about traveling to me for a session? Many clients visit from out of state and I would be happy to help you plan a trip to see me!

-I love creating new ideas and always have some sort of project or idea jumping around in my head
-I buy lots of books and rarely finish them
-I believe in fairness.  And equality.
-I love to cook & bake, but hate the clean up
-You will often find me with an iced tea in my hand
-I still miss “Friends” being on TV and laugh hysterically at reruns I’ve seen a million times
-I love soft, organic clothes and baby items
-I am inspired by textures, soft colors, and gorgeous light
-I could live on homemade (veggie!)  sushi
-I am married to my high school sweetheart
-I love nature, but the bugs really make that difficult
-I wish my lawn was filled with wildflower fields instead of grass
-I want to live on my own little farm some day with tons of rescued farm animals

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