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Learning to love yourself, your gifts, your talents and your flaws, was a journey I began almost 5 years ago. Knowing who you are is one of the most important parts in loving yourself. It doesn't matter what size or shape you are. What matters most is that you feel good in your skin. When I was in front of the camera,  I came to life.   I learned to wear clothing that helped accent my natural beauty and began learning the angles that flattered  me  the most. When I saw the way I looked on camera, I felt beautiful. This confidence is what I desire for my clients.

I pursued this passion for photography after I purchased my very first DSLR camera, a Canon T3i, and moved across the world to Korea. Fascinated by the way people lived and the history, I brought my camera all over to capture my adventures from Korea, Japan, China, Bali, Mexico... back to Canada. No matter where my travels brought me, people were always the focus of her images. I witnessed beauty throughout my travels and was able to capture gorgeous landscapes and wildlife, but nothing eclipsed the joy of being able to capture memories for families.

My fondest memory is waking up at 5 in the morning with my friend, Melody, so we could be the first people on the Great Wall of China! Anytime you see pictures of the Great Wall, people are surrounded by thousands of tourists. Not these girls, we were given almost two hours of complete solitude to complete  our portrait session on the Great Wall.

Upon my return to Canada, friends and family began asking me to take pictures of their children and in July of 2012, C'est l'Amour Photography was founded. C'est l'Amour means "it's love", an unconditional love between a parent and a child or a bond between siblings.

 Things I can't live without: Jesus, my husband, chocolate, food, and a good book.


C'est l'amour!

Joëlle xo

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