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Your baby won't be a newborn for long.

Hi! I'm Katie, your newborn photographer - located in Salem, Oregon.

I’m here to photograph your baby’s pure perfection in such a way that you never forget things like her:

-warm curly body
-shoulder peach fuzz
-tiny toes
-full rosy cheeks
-wispy hair
-back wrinkles
-how little she was in your hands

No fluff, no gimmicks, no props, no heavy editing. Simply your beautiful baby. 

Customer Reviews

"Katie!! I am in LOVE with the sneak peek photos of P! You are AMAZING:) Thank you so much, I am so happy that I found you!! My mom really enjoyed meeting you as well and we are all so impressed with how talented you are :)"

13 February, 2014 by Krista M.

"Without being intrusive (or obnoxious), you always manage to get one shot that very clearly portrays my child (or our family) at that specific time in our lives. There is this photo you took in 2009 when I was pregnant with Jane and Violet is a toddler in the foreground playing on the ground and it was just SO US AT THAT MOMENT. Your photos are like all these little tiny time capsules that hang on my wall. They grow more precious to me as time goes on."

13 February, 2014 by Katharine K.

"These photos are amazing. You are such a great photographer. You even made our skin tone look warm even though it was super cold out (well J thought it was cold….ha)! Thank you so much for being so zippy!"

13 February, 2014 by Marisa M.

"Katie, I can’t forget to mention what an amazing talent you are. I am always amazed at the photos that you produce, and I am so glad we have you to capture our little girl as she grows. You have given us some very priceless memories, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. You will forever be our photographer for any future events that may happen in our lives, and I look forward to all the wonderful memories you will be there to provide for us. Thank you so much Katie!!"

13 February, 2014 by Paula S.

"WOW Katie!! I love the photos. You are so talented. Thank you so much for capturing this special time for me – I can’t tell you how much it means to have flattering photos of me during this time where I feel LARGE! I sent your email to a ton of friends and family because I’m so excited about the photos."

13 February, 2014 by Sarah L.

"I just wanted to thank you for your patience and understanding at our newborn photo shoot. I bet it usually is the other way around with a more difficult newborn than a difficult toddler! A is not usually like that and I think it was a combination of being overtired, hungry, hot, and a little jealous that made for the perfect storm. Well, I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your efforts to get those family shots at the end. I look forward to seeing what you got:)"

13 February, 2014 by Jamie W.

"We received our order today. It all looks amazing!! Now we will have to find enough wall space.:)Thanks for the magnets and metallic print – those were a nice surprise! The whole thing has been a great experience, and we’d highly recommend you to anyone!"

13 February, 2014 by Amy B.