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Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, I specialise in Newborn and Maternity portraiture.  Capturing this amazing time in a family's life, preserving the tiny details as well as the huge and overwhelming love is my absolute reason for being a photographer.  

When our son Hunter was born in 2013, I discovered what love really meant.  When I held him that very first time and looked down into his massive, brown and knowing eyes, my heart expanded so much that it scared me it would burst with love.  I couldn’t get enough of his smell, of the feel of his little body in my arms, of just staring at him and watching every tiny movement and marvelling that somehow we had made this little guy and that he was actually OURS to KEEP!

When I returned to work my photography changed. I was already specialising in newborn portraiture, but now I could FEEL it. I felt more connected to my clients than I ever had before and I knew how they were feeling – the good, the scary, the exciting and the unknown.  And I learnt to capture it, to freeze it all in its newness and to give these precious memories back to my families.

Now when I photograph pregnant mums, new families and tiny new-borns – I not only get to tell their story in pictures and preserve them for a lifetime, but on a personal level  I also get to re-live my own love for my own pregnancy, my own little baby and to reconnect with that ever-expanding love that still to this day engulfs me whenever I look at my son.
My aim as a photographer is record the journey of your newborn, your baby as they grow and your family.  My hope is that these images become your heirlooms, that every photograph of each little detail, moment, and emotion becomes a precious memory not only for you as a parent, but for your baby as they grow and their story begins to unfold.


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