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My name is Lindsey Irvine, and I am a down-to-earth, laid-back, self-proclaimed member of the mamarazzi! I know how special it is to capture a moment with my children- a moment that I can treasure forever. And I would love to help you capture your special moments, as well! Photography has been a part of my life since I was a child. I have loved every part of photography from the distinctive “click” of the camera to the anticipation of opening the final prints. In high school, I got my first taste of publishing my own photos through photojournalism and yearbook classes, and I have been hooked on photography ever since!

Now that I am married with two boys of my own (and in my thirties… gulp!), I love photographing people in their natural element having a good time… the results can truly be amazing. In recent years I have also found a love for newborn and boudoir sessions (not taken at the same time, lol). Opposite ends of the spectrum I know. But both are so fun and memorable! Newborns are so tiny and so perfectly imperfect. I especially love newborn "fur". Newborn sessions are the ones that people regret Not doing the most. You can never get back those first precious days. Boudoir sessions, also known as lingerie sessions, are very fun, care free and empowering. Even the shyest person will love the results of these sessions. 

You can be assured that I am committed to the satisfaction of my clients and that I will make every effort to make your photography session just the way you envision it. I believe photography is a collaboration between the photographer and the client, so I work hard to make sure your experience with Linz Photography is tailored to your specific preferences!

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