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I am a wife, a mother to three little men, a big sister to an amazing little University of Alabama Graduate, a daughter to the two coolest parents ever and a photographer. Photography is my passion, my art, and the way I express myself. I believe every photographer has a distinct style and mine is all ME! I love bright colors, expressive eyes, timeless stares, laughs, smiles, unique angles, feet and all the little details!

I love what I do and believe I have one of the coolest professions! I get to document the lives of families, I get to create something that you will have for years to come, something that could be passed around HUNDREDS of years from now. I am an exclusive full service photographer who photographs everything from newborns to high school seniors. Simply put, I am a  non-traditional, everyday photographic storyteller. If you think I’m cool enough to be your photographer, you are in for a lot of fun! I can be traditional, modern, classy, fun, festive and unique all with sprinkles of Love!! I love to talk with my clients before hand to discuss how to make their session uniquely theirs!

To ensure I am able to be there for my family I have chosen to have a home studio. Not just a throw a backdrop up in the kitchen studio, a built onto the house just for me studio.:)You will find my studio relaxing and laid back, complete with a bath tub when those smash cake sessions get a little Crazy!! I have found that my clients are able to make themselves at home and as a result I achieve more natural timeless studio images.  I am located off Highway 280 in the Highland Lakes area. I feel another thing that sets me apart from all the new “photographers” is I have fully invested in my trade. I am NOT someone who got a cool new camera for Christmas and now have a business. I have been a photographer for over 21 years. (wow I’m old!!) I was taught early on in school with film and have embraced the digital age ever since. I pay for my business licenses and I pay my taxes. I am constantly enrolling in workshops and traveling to increase my knowledge. I invest in myself and my business so that I earn the right to ask you to invest in me.

I have a wide variety of props, headbands, hats, Matilda Jane outfits, bow ties, standard ties, pettiskirts, bloomers etc. This however does not mean you should not bring your own items. I LOVE to meet a fellow Etsy addict.:)

A few years ago I swore I’d never text and now I’m a texting fool so feel free to call me, email me or text me. Either way I look forward to meeting and working with you.



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