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Hi! I'm Natalie. I like to think of myself as a visual anthropologist. I am overwhelmingly passionate about capturing the everyday moments. The ordinary things that truly reflect the richness of our life stories and family cultures. Why? Because I'm you.
One of the deepest desires of my own heart is to have a record of what my family was really like. To have images that call to mind the way my family sounded, how it felt to snuggle them...a record of our connection, deep love for each other, and individual personalities.
I don't want family photos to be a fight with my kids (or my husband) to suck it up and behave for one perfectly dull portrait of us all smiling at the camera. I want to capture the laughter, the tender moments, even the tantrums. Those are the moments we will long for 10...20...50 years from now.

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