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My lifestyle and my journey have truly taken me to new heights in my never ending journey as a photographer. I have always needed to express myself creatively; I eventually realized my outlet with photography.  In high school, I took a few years of photography classes that taught me how to develop my own film and all of the fundamentals of a good photograph. I still treasure some of the black and whites photos I took on my trip to Paris at 16 years old as some of my most memorable moments as a photographer discovering my passion. From there, I went on to the University of Iowa, where I graduated with a dual degree in Photography and Business.
Today, I am still taking pictures and creating memories. Not only for myself but for other people as well. For me, one of the best feelings is being able to capture an expression or moment, that when you look back on it later you remember the exact feeling you had. There is nothing I love more than to capture the true essence and special bond between a family, or provide a special keepsake for an individual as I realize that children grow wings and fly before we are all really to ready to let them go. I want to capture true emotion, frozen in time in a photograph. If I can do that, I have done my job.

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