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"Your children are more than just your legacy. They're your works of art." ®

Artist | Mother | Colorado Transplant | World Traveler | Coffee Lover | Gear Girl

For as long as she can remember Rachel has always been fascinated by human development, especially the early beginnings and childhood. Children are these remarkable creatures full of life, energy, love and desire to explore the world around them.

Her love for children led her to pursue a degree in Child Development and Psychology at UNC-Charlotte. As a Child Life Specialist in a New York Children's Hospital, Rachel provided clinical-based psychosocial care to children undergoing bone marrow transplants. It was during that time that Rachel first picked up a camera and began capturing the lives of the children with who she engaged.

She was able to combine this new-found passion for photography with her love for children when she moved to Denver in 2007 and began a full-time career as a maternity, birth, infant, and children's photographer.

Rachel Kemble's natural approach and ease with children allows her to truly capture the small details that make each child distinctly unique. Her belief that play is a child's job will allow your child to be at ease during the session and will encourage a genuine exploration of his or her world. Rachel's many years of experience working with children as well as her extensive training in child development contribute to her unique ability to produce images that shine into the heart of each child she photographs.



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