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You are invited to a stress free photography experience with me at my photography studio in downtown Yellowknife, NWT; Yellowknife's biggest portrait photography studio.

Getting in front of the camera can be a stressful time, but it shouldn't be and I know just how to make it easy for you. In 20 years, when your children are all grown up, you'll be glad you experienced what it was like to be IN the photos with the people you love the most. #existinphotos 

My passion for print is contagious. I want you to enjoy the photographs I capture of you in the best possible way and it's not on a screen. You'll be invited back to the studio to touch, feel and hold the images we captured during the session. The whole experience will change you. #printyourphotos 

This passion keeps me energized for a twelve hour wedding day and gives me the patience and love needed to photograph your newborn babies with safety as the top priority. It also allows me to empower the women I photograph in the most intimate of settings or the most vulnerable of times.

I've lived in Yellowknife for 12 years (since Jan., 2005). My time is spent at home with my husband and three children and at Studio 867., downtown on 48th Street (in the Nunasi Building). Please accept this as my invitation to get to know me better, in person, I'd love to freeze time for you.


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