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My love of photography was apparent as a small child.  I used to take my parents’ cameras, shoot my way through the film, then ask that they develop it for me, which they always graciously did.  In high school, I signed up for my first black and white photography class, converted our laundry room into a darkroom, and never looked back.  Photography became an extension of who I am.  


I received a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Texas at Dallas while also working as a photographer for UTD's student paper.  After I graduated, I went on to take several specialized photography classes from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  Since then, I have also been fortunate enough to mentor under several incredibly talented photographers.  


My love of newborn photography was born in 2010, after I had my daughter.  There is a pure and fleeting beauty to newborns that I am absolutely captivated by.  Each newborn is unique in their own way - no two sessions are the same.  While newborn photography is certainly challenging, it is one of the most beautiful and rewarding art forms in which I have ever worked.  


I strongly believe that memories are sealed through photographs.  Through my work, I hope your own memories of your little ones remain as vivid and beautiful as the day they were born.


In addition to The Newborn Lens, I also freelance for Bethesda Magazine and Arlington Magazine.

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