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I began my photography business in 2010 shooting everything under the sun.  In the past year I narrowed it down and specialize in Newborn, 1st year and High School Senior photography

Last year I took the online "Belly:Baby Perfection" 4-week course.  The renowned Ana Brandt was our teacher and it really helped me to develop my newborn photographic skills!


 Newborns can be challanging as you can't tell them to pose and if they don't want to be touched or laid down, you have to let them dictate.  That said, I am told by almost all of my clients that I'm extremely patient and even a perfectionist, waiting to get it just right before snapping the shot.


I know it can be a very stressful, those first couple of weeks in a new parents lives... but, I come to you and hope to give you a few hours to rest while I capture this once-in-a-lifetime period in your baby's life.


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