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Catherine Bishop is a Puyallup, WA based professional Newborn Photographer that was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest Region of Washington State. Catherine studied photography in high school and College, but after a near devastating car accident occurred in her early 20’s, she decided to initially follow a path working in the Emergency Services.

During her time in EMS, Catherine was always particularly drawn to the babies that passed through her medical care, more than anything else. After settling down to have a family of her own, she had “Irish twin” boys and shortly after quickly picked back up her long time hobby of Newborn and Child Photography-catching every newborn and baby memory along the way with her camera by her side.
Over the years, her adoration for newborn and child photography blossomed. She naturally paired her love for newborn babies and their safety together with her love for photography and a match was made. Her continued education in newborn and child CPR complimented this, and her business Catherine Bishop Photography was born.

In 2018, Catherine took her business one step further by partnering with local organizations to bring Puyallup and Tacoma WA Mother’s in need free photo shoots for their newborn babies. Today this program has grown to also serve communities in Orting, Kent and Auburn, WA as well.

Today, when Catherine is not in the middle of one of her adored newborn photo shoots, she can be found exploring the Pacific Northwest outdoors with her two busy toddlers, or likely working on a hand made creation for her next newborn photography prop.

Catherine is honored to be recognized for her commitment in purchasing strictly local, organically created and traced products. With exclusivity to the local communities of Puyallup and Tacoma WA, her business is able to help support small local business owners right here in the Pacific Northwest. This mission is growing larger every day because it matters.

Catherine is dedicated to making each Newborn Session its own, unique beautiful experience custom tailored to each family and their interests, so that her customers can walk away knowing they have a one of a kind set of photos, of their one of a kind newborn.

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