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Hello Hello!!  I am a natural light newborn and family photographer servicing the greater Phoenix, Arizona area and I am also available for travel nation wide.  I focus on clean and simple photography and strive to capture your family as they are and not how I want you to look.

To me, pictures are more then a piece of paper.  They are memories and moments in time that we can capture and preserve forever.  They are the 1st smile, the 1st steps, the tiny toes and fingers that grip our hands or the silly faces your toddler makes.  These moments don't last forever, so capture them while you can!

 In addition to being a photographer, I am an army wife and mother of 3 small children.  So I know all too well how important these memories  are to us and to those who might not be there to share them with us all the time.  The images I capture can bring a person back to that place in time.  That moment when their baby 1st giggled, or when their little boy laughed and laughed as he sat on his dads shoulders.  Life gets crazy and hectic and we don't always get a chance to enjoy those little moments.  But pictures can preserve those moments in time and bring you back when life gets in the way!




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