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Hi there! My name is Kate. Although lately I've been increasingly referred to as "the twins' mom" more than "Kate." I was going to mention how I also seem to find myself knee deep in poopy diapers and spit up as of late ... until I remembered I'm a newborn and baby photographer. I was always knee deep in poopy diapers and spit up! 

Before I took the official plunge into professional photography, I went on a quick detour through the internet world: graphics, programming, marketing ---- ulcer. A few years flew by before it smacked me on the head life is just too short to purposefully waste a moment unhappy. Cheesy? Maybe. But I'm proof you can do anything you put your mind to.

I quit my job, packed my bags and boarded a plane heading to Paris, France. I spent the next year getting my masters in photography, soaking in the Parisian culture, hacking the French language and generally putting my priorities in order.

After about 7 years living away from my family, I decided to move myself back to the Boston area to be near them and to start a business. I've been in Medford, MA since 2007 living in a home with my now husband that was originally purchased by my Great Grandparents in 1918. I've been busy taking your photos, falling in love, getting married, having babies and generally doing what it takes to be happy.

Why "Crabapple" Photography? Because I grew up on Crabapple Lane.