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I believe everything in my life has led me to this place where I am today- a photographer. I taught elementary school for five years, and even then, getting to know my students was a priority for me. I wanted to know the story behind every child. Today, as a photographer, I want to know my clients. I want to know their unique stories. I love being able to learn what makes them who they are, understanding their essence so I can capture that in the photographs I take.
I still remember how big of a deal it was when my mother saved up to get family photos at a local studio in Chicago. We still have that one single 8x10 in my parents’ house. Every time I pass it by, I stare at myself and my brothers as  young children, I marvel at my mother’s youthful radiance, and I giggle at my dad’s thick black mustache and large glasses. That photo is priceless. But I wish there were more photos of our family growing up. My dad was always big on making home videos, so we had plenty of them of us as babies and children. Tragically, we lost most of our precious video cassettes in transitions from country to country, but we were fortunate to still have many of our photo albums. Even now, my mother will sometimes pull out those old thick albums, and we’ll flip through the pages together, smiling and laughing, sometimes tearing up at times now long gone.
There’s something so meaningful in those photographs, those small moments frozen in time. I’ve shown some of those photos to my daughter who resembles myself as a little girl. There’s no substitute for those memories. They’re a record of who I was and the places I grew up.
This is why I love photography, and this is why I am so thankful today to be able to photograph newborns, weddings, and families. I don’t want you to look at the photos I take and think, oh, the photographer did that or did this. I want you to look at the photos I took of you years from now and think, “Wow, I almost forgot this time in our lives. Look how sweet. You still have those same eyes.”
My mission is to capture those small moments for big memories, for you and for generations to come.

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