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My name is Hagit Even-Hen, family photographer, people and emotions :-)

I have always been the one with the camera in hand at every event, documenting what is happening around and since the kids were born, the need and desire to document and photograph has intensified. The sweet face, the crawls, the first steps, the face smeared with food, the first day at school etc., you got the idea :-)

I love people and enjoy documenting the magic that happens in the simplicity of the human connection, when hugging, kissing, tickling and loving (And also when you make faces) - a magic that creates personal and unique images that excite each time and all this in a setting of your choice - in the diverse nature or in your home, in natural and flattering lighting.

I specialize in: family photography, generations photography (extended family), children, pregnancy, Bat / Bar Mitzvah book, Newborn lifestyle and family events.

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