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I know what you are thinking? How to pronounce my last is pronounced "Pie Fur Own" - easy enough huh? Imagine what I was thinking when I met my husband! 
I have always loved babies, ever since I was little. I started out in college majoring in Early Childhood Education, wanting to teach. I then went on to get a degree in Psychology, specializing in developmental psych. But then I found that I had this passion for photography. So, I took my love for babies and children and combined it with this new found passion. Psychology most definitely has come in handy with children, understanding their ages and abilities. 
Newborn photography is my niche. I love everything about it and enjoy working with each and every family. Its such an amazing time in people's lives. I also enjoy maternity photography and birth photography. Birth is such an amazing miracle. 
I also enjoy photographing children and families. But due to limited days I can work, I mainly shoot maternity, birth, and newborns. 
Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to meeting you!

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