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The first year when you become a mother or father is so special and completely new.   It will also go by in a flash and you will want to freeze time by capturing each detail and stage of this time in your lives.  Soon your baby will be here, I'm sure you have countless belly progression photos, ultrasounds, 3D/4D pictures and gender reveal photos.  And then one day it will happen and they will finally be here.  And  you'll be tired, constantly pumping, feeding, changing diapers getting out of the hospital and all of a sudden it’s been a week and that baby will already be so different. But now are the photos you really want of how perfect your new family is and you want that sweet, soft baby nuzzle captured with you and your husband. All you will see is the tiny baby you made and how your heart exploded with love for your brand new family and new journey. No one can take this photo or time away because you have this beautiful photo even when that baby is walking down the graduation aisle.  I know firsthand the importance of a photograph and cherish each of my client's memories as much as my own.  

Katie Corinne Photography offers a full service portrait studio where you can document your journey from announcing your pregnancy or gender reveal, to maternity photos, then the adorable features of your precious newborn and last a whole year of milestones portraits (usually 3 months, 6 months and 1 year).  At the studio I have a huge stock of newborn props of wraps, custom outfits, blankets and baskets as well as maternity gowns.  Newborn sessions are typically done in the first 3 weeks and maternity sessions are usually done around 30-35 weeks.  If you are planning on doing several sessions, a specially priced custom package is tailored to you and can possibly include a complimentary session to cover your gender or pregnancy announcement.  You should book your session far in advance and of course as babies come on their own schedule, that is adjusted once your little one arrives.  

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