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Hi my name is Lindsay M. Adamson, and I started my photography business in early 2013. I was trained in Photography 10 years ago in Hawaii. While I do Maternity, Baby Milestone, and Family Sessions,  my absolute passion is Newborn Photography.

I am extremely comfortable with babies and especially newborns, and have been called "The Baby Whisperer". :) Which of course is amazing, but I mostly attribute that to having babysat since I was around 12 years old. While I don't yet have children of my own, my husband and I cannot wait for that day! Meanwhile, I learn all that I can about newborns first 2 weeks of life! It just amazes me every time I see one. From learning about their bone structure, to learning how it sounded in the womb, I gain all the knowledge I can about newborns.  I really believe that helps me get those sweet shots. When you know what a newborn loves, you know how to photograph and pose them. If you have ever been to, or had a Newborn Session done, you know that it takes a special person to have the patience and love for your baby to get those photos.

I do all my Newborn Sessions out of my home studio in South Salem. It is a quiet, warm & very relaxing time, and I frequently have parents joke that they are just going to take a nap :) It is my goal to make the session as easy moms & dads as possible, knowing that usually your visit to me is your first time out of the house. 

 When I first started my business, I was told never to do Newborn Photography because of how hard (and messy :)  it was. But when it is your passion, getting poo'ed and peed on is completely worth it for those sweet shots. I am so thankful to have found my calling and passion in life. I cannot wait to see where the next year takes me and the amazing clients I will meet. 



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