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I'm a wife to an incredible man, and a mommy to 2 beautiful children who inspire me each and every day. These two little people are the reason behind my passion for photography. I have always loved taking pictures, even at an early age. I have boxes upon boxes of photos that I have taken since I got my first camera. It wasn't until I had children that photography really inspired me in such a way that not doing it wasn't an option. I think when you become a mom your inner paparazzi really shines! I mean who wouldn't take a 100 pictures of your baby doing exactly the same thing in the previous 99 frames...and think they are all different and equally amazing as the previous!!

Children are amazing. They just love life, and it's contagious. I love being able to capture the giggly little girl with a smile sweet as cake or the brand new baby who has opened his eyes for the first time to see his amazing new life. These are the moments that we all want to remember forever. After all, they grow so fast and these moments will soon be memories.

I would love to be chosen to capture those memories for you. If you are interested in booking a session please connect with me on my contact form or email me directly at

I look forward to hearing from you!

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