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Customer Reviews

"Very sweet and patient photographer. Great with my child."

29 November, 2016 by Sandy Droll

"Wow, she looks beautiful, my baby!! You did amazing! Thank the lord for your patience to get the picture!"

29 November, 2016 by Aracely Villa

"Your photos open my heart!"

29 November, 2016 by Brenda Sassi

"Deirdre.....your "gift" is your eye!! Which, of course, is the window pane of your soul! Your work is always, reliably, stunning! If only we could all see the world through the lens of your eyes! What a kinder place this would be."

29 November, 2016 by Ron Hushaw

"You do amazing work! I definitely didn't think that crazy shoot could turn out like this. Your talent is awesome."

29 November, 2016 by Patricia Smith

"Love it! If all our friends haven't used Deirdre Lewis as a photographer yet you're all missing out on some real talent and fun!"

29 November, 2016 by Erin Haynes