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Membership Feature - Public Profile

"Your public profile is how your potential clients find you."

At, your public profile is how your potential clients find you. Our profiles are designed to provide all the important information in a neat and tidy page. Profile Photos, logos, slideshow images, website information and an overview of yourself, give the very best first impression possible. Therefore it is important to fill out all of your information.

When a potential clients visits our website and clicks "find a photographer". We intelligently figure out their location, then customize their search results based on location. Therefore setting your location is very important when creating your profile.

Own your custom URL at

Signing up for an account at, gives you the unique opportunity of owning the best Newborn Photography piece of Real Estate available. Our website URL conveys a sense of trust among potential clients because not only does it sound official and look professional, but it is exactly what they were searching for - Newborn Photographers.

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Example of Photographer's Public Profile.

We hired the best designer to create an aesthetically clean profile that showcases the most important information!

Features - Upload Logo

*Note: Pro memberships allow photographers to upload ten images, free memberships only allow one image.

Example of Photographer Profile Images

Build trust with your client right from the beginning, by uploading your profile picture. Here are examples of photographers from our community.

Example of Search Results

Search Results are filtered based on locality. In this example, the potential client is from New York. The results show distance from in miles (e.g. 2.9 miles away).

Newborn Photography Search Results

Example of Member Badge & QuickView Slideshow (Pro Members)

Pro memberships show "Official Member" badge and a quickview slideshow.

Newborn Photography Search Results

Example QuickView Slideshow (Pro Members)

Quick View slideshow

Newborn Photography Search Results

Photographers from all over the world.

Join photographers from all over the world and be a part of the best newborn photography community!

Newborn Photography Logos

Photographers from all over North America.

Our community is ever growing! is the number one source to find a Newborn Photographer!

Newborn Photography Logos
Feature Description Free Pro (Monthly) Pro (Yearly)
Profile - Custom URL Own and share your custom URL. E.g. Yes Yes Yes
Profile - Upload Logo Upload your logo to convey a professional image. Yes Yes Yes
Profile - Upload Photo Your potential customers want to be able to trust you. Upload an image of yourself. Yes Yes
Profile - Upload Slideshow Image(s) Showcase your talent. This is the main reason why a customer will choose you over somebody else. 1 image 10 images 10 images
Profile - Overview & Web Links Give a brief over about yourself and make it easy for customers to find your contact information Yes Yes Yes
Profile - Customer Reviews Add customer reviews and testimonials Yes Yes Yes
Profile - Search Results Appear in our search results. Yes Yes Yes
Profile - Member Badge Official Member badge & quickview slideshow Yes Yes